Notes from the Vineyard, August Edition

Notes from the Vineyard, August Edition

Hi, everyone —


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You can look forward to updates from us as well as featured love notes, celebrating all the ways that we come together around the table, to eat, to drink, to laugh, and to be together.


Around our neighborhood, August signals the dwindling summer days and the inkling beginnings of Autumn plans, and even holidays. Long days still stretch out over fire pits and string lights in the backyard, but we are beginning to imagine our first crisp days, sweaters on and coffee mugs in hand.

I hope you’ll join us in making a celebration part of your family’s routine, whoever you call family. Gathering together, drinks poured, the table set. These are the things that make truly make our days longer, whether the light lingers or not. Let this be the little push you needed to invite those neighbors over, to throw that last minute dinner party, or to squeeze in one last night together before your kids head back to school.


I’m excited to pour you a glass of our latest season.