CAMi began with the birth of our fifth child in 2001. The property was purchased the year before and planted with the blessing of David Abreu. He said “this is Cabernet dirt.” This was all the encourage we needed, so with that, Tom and I bought the property and settled in.

Since then, the Trail House has been a sanctuary for our family. Bordered by the Selby Creek and Manzanilla olive trees, the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot vineyards are also flanked by a tiny orchard, a chicken coop, vegetable and rose gardens.

Previously, the grapes had been sold to other wineries. In 2008 our family lost Tom Shelton to cancer and our vineyard took on his spirit. We decided to consider making our own wine.

Since then, we have bottled limited amounts of wine for our family, and in 2013, we committed 50% of our production to produce the CAMi label. According to Robert Parker, 2013 “is the best vintage in 37 years.” The 2014 vintage marked our first official year of production with all our fruit, and we’ve been dedicated to making beautiful vintages ever since.

We humbly offer you the best of our proud efforts and hope you enjoy the literal fruits of our love and labor here at CAMi Vineyards.

We look forward to meeting you and tasting together. Cheers.